The students from the village of Taraclia, Căușeni district are studying the professions of the future

December 13, 2023

“Ștefan cel Mare si Sfânt” Lyceum in the village of Taraclia, Căușeni district, offers its students the opportunity to futureproof their careers by learning the professions of the future. In a Digital Lab launched on 12 December 2023, over 176 students study web and mobile application development, graphic design, programming, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, communication and storytelling.

Digital Labs are renovated spaces of at least 50 square meters, equipped with electronic devices and furniture necessary for interactive studies. In the specially dedicated spaces, students take IT courses or can use the computers to do their homework or practice their IT skills if they do not have an electronic device at home.

“It's difficult to study technologies without powerful computers. They must have good processing speed, plenty of memory. I was supposed to do an artificial intelligence project, but I couldn't install an app because of the low memory of the computer in the computer class. But now, in this new laboratory, I was able to realize the project," says Alina Oboroșean, student in the 11th grade

“We are glad that we got this Digital Lab for our children. For many years we have been teaching and studying programming, graphic design, entrepreneurship and more and winning competitions. With this high-performance equipment, our children will be able to do even more,” says Pelagheia Traci, “Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt” Lyceum principal and Tewkill Ambassador for digital education.

This lab was set up thanks to the financial support of the Government of Romania through RoAID - Romanian Agency for International Development Cooperation, within a programme implemented by UNDP Moldova. Overall, there are 35 Digital Labs in the country, of which two are located in the Căușeni district. Over 78 thousand students study in these labs.

“Investment in quality education is the best investment, a sustainable and beneficial investment for the entire community. And this laboratory today offers equal development opportunities to all students. Romania will continue to support the modernization process of schools in the Republic of Moldova. We can say that Romania already has a tradition of supporting the educational system in the Republic of Moldova,” said Marc Emilian Morar, Diplomatic Counsellor, the Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Moldova.

"UNDP Moldova is a global promoter of digital transformation and we are with the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the effort to build a modern society, focused on citizens and aligned with the European integration agenda. Creating an accessible, safe and inclusive digital environment, as well as ensuring all the necessary conditions for a quality digital education, are some of the key elements of this transformation, to which we are happy to contribute," said Dorin Toma, Policy Specialist, UNDP Moldova.

“Digital Labs have become an essential element in cultivating a passion for IT and preparing students for the ever-changing job market. In partnership with UNDP Moldova and the Government of Romania, we set out to offer students technologically equipped spaces and help them become competent professionals in the IT field,” says Ana Chirița, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Moldovan Association of ICT Companies.

In 2022, the Government of Romania and RoAid joined the “Tekwill in Every School” programme, with a contribution worth approx. 80,000 euros, through the programme “Accelerating the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector of the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by UNDP Moldova. Other partners supporting the “Tekwill in Every School” network are Sweden, the European Union and USAID.