OWH Studio and UNDP Moldova will produce a film about migration, with a positive angle

November 1, 2019

WeDocMigration Project started with the initiative of UNDP Moldova and of its Switzerland-funded project “Migration and Local Development”, further joined by OWH Studio, and aims to promoting a fresh, positive angle on the migration in Moldova.

Starting with November 2019, OWH Studio and UNDP Moldova embark on writing the script and production of a documentary film (90 minutes) about migration and local development. The film’s concept was selected through a public contest that engaged 24 young people.

At the first stage, in September 2019, the young people learned to identify stories with cinematographic potential, to draft scripts and present their film ideas in a compelling way, in just 3+1 minutes.

On 31 October 2019, ten finalists presented their concepts during a public event. The presentations were accompanied by visual materials documenting passages from life, personal motivations and engaging discussions with an extremely curious jury, composed of representatives of the Film Union of the Republic of Moldova, the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova, the United Nations Development Programme, and independent studios.

“It’s kind of hard to admit something like this... Some would say it’s a hazardous approach, or even a challenge... Well, there were ten young people who have taken up this challenge. The concepts of the young people proved that migration can be also approached positively, that its effects are complex and long-lasting. All we have to do is to identify these positive effects and make the most of them...,” said the script writer Mihai Poiata, University Lecturer at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts.

While assessing the concepts of the documentary, the jury took into account the relevance to the WeDocMigration Project and the creative and original approach, and awarded four mentions for the concepts “Despre noi”, author Cristian Pasat, “Pe urmele oalelor... din Hoginesti”, author Valeria Ciolac, “Femeia ajută femeia”, author Victor Galusca and “Odă cuvântului aproape”, author Mihaela Stefania Turchina, and a big award for the concept “Dor de casă”, author Diana Vlas.

“We are happy to note the interest of the young people from the cinematography, and from other backgrounds, for this field. We were all convinced that there are many positive models through which migration influences our lives, and a film is a powerful way of sharing this message,” said Olesea Cazacu, Programme Analyst at UNDP Moldova.

The script of the winning project “Dor de casă” will be developed together with the author. She will have the opportunity to learn how to make a documentary, starting with the idea, and ending with the post-production and distribution. Diana Vlas is a young filmmaker and master student at Film Directing Faculty of the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts and who aims to share through this film the inspirational story of its protagonist: “It’s really nice how a man could make others stay home.”

The film will be produced by OWH Studio and UNDP Moldova and will focus on the life stories of people who were migrants and who, returning home, are involving with their potential and knowledge gained abroad, either in the development of their communities, starting businesses in Moldova or tapping into the local traditions and crafts.