The National Employment Agency launches, a portal for employers and jobseekers

November 9, 2022

Jobseekers or employers can access the portal to benefit from the free services offered by the National Employment Agency (NEA). The platform was developed with the support of the UNDP project “Migration and local development”, funded by the Government of Switzerland.

To make the portal easy to use and efficient, a user-friendly interface has been created, offering users not only the possibility to apply for a job or recruit staff, but also to find useful information about the employment measures and services offered by NEA, as well as employment tips.

Employers can register their company and post vacancies, which are grouped by industry and field of interest. They can find suitable candidates based on available CVs.

“At this stage, we have over 500 active companies offering job opportunities on the new platform, so jobseekers can select a vacancy from a range of over 60 job areas. The portal provides instructions on how to use it, so that employers can easily enter data into the system and candidates can quickly submit their application,” said Raisa Dogaru, director of the National Employment Agency.

Jobseekers have access to a personal online space, where they can develop their CV, specify their professional experience, choose the region, the desired professional field or the employer and then apply for the selected job or for several vacancies simultaneously. The candidate is informed by email about the successful submission of the application. portal will facilitate organisation of online job fairs. At the same time, the platform will be able to generate reports and a wide range of statistics that can be analysed to modernise the employment services and measures offered by NEA.