More investments and opportunities for business development in Cahul and Ungheni

October 9, 2023

The beekeeping business of Mihai Curjos from Cahul is included in the investment portfolio

Cahul and Ungheni Regions have developed portfolios of investment opportunities with the support of the European Union and UNDP. They contain information and data on 40 business and investment projects in the region in various fields: agriculture, tourism, trade, food industry, HoReCa, wine, light industry, industrial parks, etc. 

Each investment profile contains general information about the business or project and the investment offer.

These portfolios contribute to attracting investments and stimulating the economic development of the Cahul and Ungheni regions, notes Simion Berzoi, component manager on business development, European Union Programme "EU4Moldova: Focal Regions", implemented by UNDP:

"Investment profiles are essential for entrepreneurs and investors as they contribute to more responsible financial decisions, efficient management of financial resources and the achievement of short- and long-term financial goals. They provide a structured way to plan, monitor and adapt investment strategies, which can have a significant positive impact on financial success."

The investment profiles are in line with the objective of the programme "EU4Moldova: Focal Regions" to transform Cahul and Ungheni into growth poles. "At the same time, the development of investment profiles is essential for the clear identification and definition of financial objectives, risk management, financial planning and, last but not least, facilitating communication. Our programme will support the promotion of portfolios of opportunities, thematic trainings for the beneficiaries of investment profiles and the identification of solutions for their realization," adds Simion Berzoi.

"Overall, a well-developed investment profile offers numerous advantages for an entrepreneur and is a valuable tool as it helps to manage financial resources in an efficient and strategic way while supporting the achievement of long-term personal and business goals. The Investment Profile developed for our company allowed us to initiate discussions with potential investors from Romania and Italy, which we hope will materialize with concrete results", says Victoria Shevcenco, deputy director of "Cahulpan" JSC from Cahul municipality.

The investment portfolios for the Cahul and Ungheni regions were prepared in Romanian, Russian, English, French and German. Portfolios will be promoted nationally and internationally at exhibitions, diaspora events, etc. to raise and attract foreign investment in the two focal regions.