Moldovans working abroad will benefit from enhanced protection due to new legal provisions

August 17, 2020

Photo: UNDP Moldova. MSMEs employ a larger share of the most vulnerable groups namely women and youth.

Moldovans willing to work abroad will enjoy enhanced protection due to a set of amendments to the legal framework that are to enter into force in 2021. These amendments were drafted with support of the UNDP “Migration and Local Development” Project, funded by Switzerland and implemented in partnership with the International Organization for Migration.

So, the opportunities of jobseekers to be legally employed abroad will increase. Due to the introduced information guarantees, citizens will be informed correctly about the risks, rights and obligations they have when opting for employment abroad.

The work regime of private recruitment agencies will also be facilitated thanks to the single employment licensing procedure per every country of destination. The papers’ legalization and coordination procedures will also be simplified.

The template of the standard intermediation agreement has also been regulated. Such an agreement will have to be concluded between the person seeking employment abroad and the private recruitment agency. This is a mechanism meant to protect the interests and rights of Moldovans in relation to intermediaries and foreign employers.

The amendments also provide intervention mechanisms for private recruitment agencies into labour litigations to protect works rights abroad. The duties of monitoring, control and intervention of the Labour Inspectorate, including jointly with the Centre for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and other relevant institutions, were strengthened to ensure that the legal framework is observed and to enhance the protection of Moldovans seeking a job or working abroad.

The UNDP-Switzerland “Migration and Local Development” project will continue to support the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection in developing the secondary legislation that will ensure the enforcement of the new legal provisions.

For more information, please contact: Tatiana Solonari, Communications Specialist, “Migration and Local Development” UNDP Moldova Project,, phone: 0693 77 215,  022-820-840