Four new tourist routes could connect both banks of the Nistru river, with EU support

Posted October 5, 2021

Four tourist routes could connect the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, promoting tourism in the Nistru river basin at European level, and not only. This is the main conclusion of a roundtable held in Orhei, in hybrid format, on 1 October 2021, which brought together over 20 representatives of profile associations and tour operators from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The event, entitled “Sustainable tourism as a driving force for regional development: the experience of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine”, was organized with the support of the European Union Programme “Confidence-Building Measures”, implemented by the UNDP, which contributes to strengthening trust among population on both banks of the Nistru river, through their involvement in joint development projects.

Each of the four new routes has a distinct thematic and will connect the Republic of Moldova, including the region on the left bank of the Nistru, and Ukraine.

  1. Medieval fortresses: Soroca, Tighina and Hotin;
  2. The wineries “Buchetul Moldovei” in Gradinita, Leuntea and Dubasari - Tîrnauca Glass Museum – “Kvint” winery in Tiraspol - wineries in Odessa region, Ukraine;
  3. Rural-ecological tourism: Orheiul Vechi, the resorts in Criuleni on the left bank of the Nistru and the guesthouses in Odessa region, Ukraine.
  4. Spiritual places, such as the Chitcani Monastery, the “Marta and Maria” monastery in Hagimus, the Nativity Cathedral in Tiraspol and the Fortress - Monastery in Ismail, Ukraine.

“We are pleased that, once again, through the EU’s Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by the UNDP, our local partners, who are joining the roundtable today, both offline and online, have set the path for a platform for collaboration, not only between the two banks of the Nistru river, but in a wider regional prospect of a common tourist space for more opportunities in the Nistru river basin by addressing destination management,” said Giuseppe Paglione, Program Manager at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

A platform for continuous dialogue between touristic industry representatives and regulators in both countries will be set up, to ensure mutually beneficial environment for the development of the Nistru river basin tourism sector, including improving the regulatory framework needed to streamline movement and attract tourists.

“Generating competitiveness and sustainability of tourist destinations - this should be the right approach. It is also good to involve residents and local community in tourism management and decision-making process, with its further implementation into a truly public-private-community approach,” mentioned Ivan Liptuga, President of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine.

The participants at the roundtable signed a resolution, which provides for the commitment to promote common routes, creation of tourist information centers, expansion of international funding sources, mutually clear and transparent conditions for the movement and finding of foreign tourists - necessary elements for developing sustainable tourism in the Nistru river basin.

The roundtable was organized in partnership with the Center for Information and Promotion in the Field of Tourism of the Republic of Moldova, the Agency for Investment and Development, the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine.

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