The Bender fortress (citadel) and Chisinau Circus will be restored according to international standards with European Union’s assistance

Posted December 6, 2019

European Union supports restoration works at the Bender Fortress and at Chisinau Circus according to international standards. The project is carried out in the framework of the EU Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by UNDP.

Journalists were invited to visit the Bender Fortress on 5 December 2019 and learned more about planned works.

“The European Union is pleased to have the chance to participate to this long-term restoration project for which approximately 2.5 million EUR are allocated till 2021. This historical complex is of a national and international importance, with significant touristic perspectives,” said Fabien Schaeffer, programme manager at the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

The Programme has commissioned a technical expertise which will determine the exact works that are needed and most affected portions, in need of urgent interventions.

“Bender Fortress is a XV century historical objective of great importance. So far, there were no conservation works here. All the works that have been done before envisaged the park zone, and not the fortress itself. That is why we are grateful to the European Union for its help,” stated the director of the Bender Fortress, Aleksandr Yaskov.

The EU Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by UNDP, contributes to building confidence among the inhabitants from both banks of the Nistru River by involving them in joint projects.

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