Expansion and strengthening of the protected area subsystem of the Outer Islands of Seychelles and its integration into the broader land and seascape

The project seeks to promote the conservation and sustainable use of terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the Seychelles’ Outer Islands by expanding the protected areas system and strengthening protected area management, supported by broad-scale ecosystem planning and sustainable land management activities to conserve ecosystem functions. The project will focus outputs and activities – over a period of five years – to achieve both biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management goals: First, to enable biodiversity conservation, the project will support the official establishment of five new protected areas in the Outer Islands, encompassing 1,237 hectares of terrestrial ecosystems and 76,258 hectares of marine ecosystems.

Second, to enable sustainable land management, the project will ensure the establishment of the necessary institutional framework (information and planning systems) to support integrated management of the new PA sites that not only addresses conservation but also reduces land degradation impacts.

For more information, download the project factsheet.

Detailed cases studies and technical reports are available on https://www.pcusey.sc

Poivre Island - ©S.Andria/GOS/UNDP/GEF