UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles all-staff photo



Resident Representative for the UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles multi-country office: Ms. Amanda Serumaga
The UNDP Resident Representative acts on behalf of the UNDP Administrator, and is the head of the country office being ultimately responsible for the quality and sustainability of UNDP interventions, including UNDP policies and procedures.


International Operations Manager: Ms. Fatuma Sainab Hassan Musa
The International Operations Manager acts as an advisor and focal point to senior management on the multi-country office operations. The International Operations Manager is responsible for strategic administrative and human resources management, efficient procurement and logistical service, and ICT, and consistency with UNDP rules and regulations. The International Operations Manager ensures consistent services delivery to the multi-country office, UNDP programme and projects, and UN common services. 

Programme heads are responsible for each of the programme areas, while managers oversee administrative and support units including finance, human resources, IT, administration, procurement and security.