Victoria, Seychelles


UNDP leverages its integrator role in the implementation of the UNSDCF to: (a) support resource mobilization; (b) collaborate to generate development research and evidence; (c) facilitate strategic dialogue to inform advocacy for reform of the aid architecture, in the context of Seychelles as a small island developing State; and (d) and co-create innovative programming with other United Nations agencies.

The programme emphasizes South-South and triangular cooperation, building on the gains made in the previous programme cycle, including in areas of digital transformation with the Government of Singapore, private sector engagement with the Government of Türkiye and tax revenue recovery with the Government of India.

With its expertise in the Global Policy Network, UNDP will promote innovation and testing of proven and affordable technologies, facilitate the adoption of digital solutions and support efforts to access innovative finance in the domestic and global markets. The programme will promote cross-regional collaboration within mainland Africa and among small island developing States across the Archipelagic and Island States Forum and SAMOA pathway platforms through knowledge-sharing and business-to-business engagement.


Theory of Change

If the agility of the public sector is enhanced through digital transformation; if the structural constraints to promote private sector participation, including for underemployed and/or marginalized women and youth, are addressed in national production and regional value chains; and if ecosystem services valuation for the blue and green economy is embedded in sectoral plans for financing investment in the Sustainable Development Goals to: (a) build resilience to climate change and natural disasters and adopt early warning systems; (b) sustainably manage natural resources; and (c) provide alternative livelihoods for women in fisher communities and at-risk and underemployed youth; then Seychelles can accelerate its trajectory towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy, with responsive public and private sectors aligned with its development goals.

Legal Framework

A Standard Basic Assistance Agreement (SBAA) was signed between the Government of Seychelles and UNDP in 1977 which embodies the basic conditions under which the UNDP and its Executing Agencies shall assist the Government in carrying out its development objectives.