Climate Smart Agriculture in Seychelles (COMESA)

The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) pilot program that is coordinated by the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) is part of a regional undertaking involving Seychelles and 5 Member States (Kingdom of ESwatini, Madagascar, Uganda and Zimbabwe).   

 The primary objective of the project is to improve water management in farming communities by reducing the water and energy consumption in agriculture.  This will in turn lead to increased agricultural production and productivity and bring farming communities in the country, one step closer to having ‘’green’ or environmentally sustainable farms. The specific objective of the project is to roll out the concept for the ‘Water Smart Farms”, which seeks to promote water efficiency on farms, reduced soil salinity, whilst reducing energy consumption.A total of around 160 farmers will be targeted with the Val d’Endor Project.  An additional 15 farmers will be covered; comprising of 10 farmers at Bonne Espoire while 5 farmers will be from La Digue Island.  


1.     Community Water Storage is improved through construction of 5 water storage tanks.

2.     Water use efficiency on local farms is improved through use of solar energy-driven drip irrigation

3.     The Bon Espoir source is rehabilitated using ecosystem-based adaptation methods with enhanced and regulated water flows for downstream farming communities

4.     Implementation and sustainability of “water smart farms” technology is enhanced through knowledge sharing arising out of South-to-South Cooperation Triangular Cooperation (SSC/TrC)

For more information, download the project factsheet.


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