Saving coral reefs from a changing climate future

December 13, 2019

©Liam Briese by Unsplash

UNDP and partners launch coral restoration project in Mauritius and Seychelles

Mahé, 13 December 2019,  The United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the governments of Mauritius and Seychelles,  has launched a regional project to restore coral reefs in both countries. The six-year “Restoring marine ecosystem services by restoring coral reefs to meet a changing climate future”, project is supported by the Adaptation Fund with the amount of $10,000,000 USD.

"Climate change in Mauritius and Seychelles has intensified coral bleaching events and mortality over recent decades. Climate change projections predict that global coral bleaching events will increase in frequency and intensity", says Ms Amanda Serumaga, the UNDP Resident Representative. "To reduce the impact of climate change on local communities and coral reef-dependent economic sectors, this project aims to increase climate resilience through coral reef restoration using thermal tolerant corals as an adaptation measure to climate change" she added.

To complement the project's national objectives, the regional restoration efforts have been designed to improve our collective understanding of  the use of coral reef restoration as an adaptation measure; and to share the experience and knowledge learned in sustainable coral reef restoration. The regional activities will also emphasise building capacity for long-term sustainable coral reef restoration; while the national activities will help to develop a sustainable partnership and business approach to reef restoration. This will include establishing coral farming and nursery facilities; and, lead in the restoration of degraded reefs. Project activities are planned to start in 2020.