Riviere des Galets, Mauritius

Climate Change Adaptation Programme in the Coastal Zone of Mauritius

As a Small Island Developing State, the Republic of Mauritius is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, especially in the coastal zone, where a convergence of accelerating sea level rise and increasing frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones (with more intense rainfall events and stronger winds) will result in considerable economic loss, humanitarian stresses, and environmental degradation. The objective of the project is to increase climate resilience of communities and livelihoods in the coastal areas in Mauritius.

The outputs of the project are:
• Increased adaptive capacity within relevant development and natural sectors
• Reduced exposure at national level to climate-related hazards and threats
• Strengthened institutional capacity to reduce risks associated with climate induced socio-economic and environmental losses
• Improved policies and regulations that promote and enforce resilience measures
• Effective capturing and dissemination of lessons from the applied activities in the programme.

For more information, download the project factsheet.

Mon Choisy beach restoration, Mauritius