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The Development Advocate

December 14, 2012

The first issue of The Development Advocate showcases the 12 winning entries of UNDP’s first annual storytelling competition in an easy-to-read and cost-efficient newspaper-style format. 

When we asked our colleagues around the world for submissions, we received more than 180 stories from 67 Country Offices. All of the stories you are about to read tell of the transformational change we contribute to across the four pillars of our mandate: poverty reduction; democratic governance; crisis prevention and recovery; and environment and sustainable development.

Extract of the letter from the UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark

Director of International News Services, RIA Novosti, the international news agency in Moscow.


"How do you quantify dignity? What is the mathematical equation for overcoming adversity? Where is the algorithm for finding the courage to speak the truth?

As I read and reread entries in the UNDP storytelling competition, I grew, successively, interested, impressed and, finally, deeply moved by these vital, first-hand accounts of people striving, of forward progress, of communities working to become a little better – of humanity developing. And as a member of the jury for the competition, I wrestled with the dilemma: is it possible, objectively, to rank these brief works, each of which describes a reality of its own?"