Inclusion at the heart of our response

January 19, 2021

“I feel energetic and productive, I am meeting new people and covering the expenses of medicine and winter fuel.”

When opportunity knocked on Wadha’s door, she challenged her disability and decided to give the farmers of Rashaya a helping hand. Committed to demonstrating that when there's a will there's a way, Wadha is taking part in UNDP and ILO’s Agroforestry for Food Security Project, generously supported by Germany, our partner at core, through KfW and implemented in partnership with Lebanon Reforestation Initiative.

Wadha’s daily tasks involve cleaning and processing the olive harvest for which she is securing short-term daily income and feeling more integrated in her community.

“I usually face limitations finding a job as a disabled woman. Working with you helped me become financially independent and support my family to endure the hard economic situation,” Wadha Touban, 52-year-old displaced Syrian - Rashaya.

Wadha’s hard-work and persistence are an inspiration and living proof that through inclusion, we can break the barriers preventing people with disabilities from accessing the labor market.

“A person who can think and act deserves a chance to work and prove his/her capabilities,” said Wadha, with a smile.