From Akkar’s Beehives to International Markets

January 5, 2021

“In 2019, UNDP provided me with five hives, necessary equipment, and trainings to embark upon my journey as a beekeeper. Today, I have 14 hives and my bee family keeps growing because of your constant support,” said Sara Addour, a 20-year-old university graduate who found in beekeeping a hobby and profitable source of income.

UNDP in Lebanon, in partnership with Norway, created an enabling environment for beekeepers in Akkar through an integrated intervention generating job opportunities, providing beekeepers with essential equipment, and as a cherry on top, improving marketability by designing and developing a new identity for the United Cooperative Association of Beekeepers, known today as AlRiif Honey.

These tools have enhanced Akkar’s presence on the national honey making map and transformed it into a go-to place for beekeepers around Lebanon.

“The new equipment is attracting beekeepers from Mount Lebanon, Beirut, and the Bekaa,” affirmed Mohammad al Khatib, Head of the United Cooperative Association.

The new “AlRiif Honey” brand identity, packaging, and digital platforms are key business development steps that are attracting new clientele... What started inside the beehives of Akkar is now reaching international markets.

 “The number of orders is increasing because of our online presence; we are delivering across Lebanon and receiving requests from abroad,” said Khaled Diab, a 26-year-old young man earning extra income as the cooperative’s new cargo driver.

Amidst the stinging truth of a challenging economic situation, the future seems buzzing with opportunities for Beekeepers in Akkar, especially for the youth working hard to face the economic downturns.

“With your help, we remain hopeful and courageous that we can dream and expand our promising beekeeping businesses even more,” Sara expressed.

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