Lebanon’s 4th National Communication on Climate Change

Lebanon Fourth National Communication Report

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Lebanon’s 4th National Communication on Climate Change

January 3, 2023

In line with the reporting commitments  of Lebanon under the UNFCCC, the Fourth National Communication on climate change has been prepared to present  the country’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory for 1994-2019, to update the climate change risks and impacts based on the most recent scientific findings and to transparently report Lebanon’s gaps and needs to improve the implementation of its climate agenda.

The report addresses not only the progress Lebanon is achieving in climate change but also underlines the main gaps and priority needs to further rally support, such as lack of data and knowledge to accurately assess Lebanon’s vulnerability, and weak institutional arrangements to systematically identify and quantify the technical, financial and capacity building needs in Lebanon. It also provides high level technical information to better integrate climate change into appropriate social, economic, and environmental policies and actions.

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