Building media capacities for peace in Lebanon

March 22, 2024
Photo Credit: AFP News

The media in Lebanon play a major role in peace building. However, the media can also wield considerable influence on fueling conflicts during sensitive periods.
Therefore, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),  in partnership with Agence France Presse (AFP), with funds from German Government through KfW development bank, organized a four-part training initiative aimed at empowering 60 local journalists and reporters across Lebanon. The focus was on building media capacities in conflict-sensitive reporting, countering hate speech, and embedding fact-checking practices at the grassroots level. This strategic initiative, targeting local outlets and journalists, is crucial in ensuring a more immediate and impactful response to community-specific needs and challenges.
By highlighting media influence, common challenges, and essential standards, participants gained tools for navigating sensitive reporting, crucial in preventing hate speech that can escalate conflicts and divide communities.
Journalist Mariam Fneich, from Waradana website, highlighted the critical nature of upholding journalistic standards, particularly in an era where the race for breaking news often overshadows the importance of credibility and objectivity.
With the objective of mainstreaming the culture of fact-checking in local media outlets, participants, following hate speech and conflict-sensitive reporting training, delved into tools and techniques crucial for combating mis/disinformation and ensuring the dissemination of accurate and unbiased news.
Elias Ghanem, from Jbeil Daily News, underscored the significance of the fact-checking training, “the newfound skills not only streamline processes but also contribute to a more informed and responsible media landscape”.
After the training, participants were encouraged to share the acquired tools within their respective media institutions, fostering the widespread adoption of responsible reporting practices. Subsequent coaching sessions comprehensively addressed implementation challenges, providing ongoing support as participants applied their enhanced skills in their roles.

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