Empowering Clean Energy: The Journey of Kundus Kyrbasheva

March 4, 2024

Kundus Kyrbasheva, the Chairperson of the Association of Wind and Solar Power Plants of Kyrgyzstan and founder of the Wind System Joint Stock Company, epitomizes resilience and success in the face of adversity.

Embarking on her career in the financial sector within private manufacturing companies, Kundus's interest in energy was sparked by her husband, a hydraulic engineer. The energy crisis of 2008-2010 further fueled her conviction in the imperative of developing the energy sector, particularly in clean energy. Her passion for renewable energy and unwavering determination motivated her to become a successful entrepreneur, spearheading a project alongside a skilled team of specialists and foreign engineers to construct a wind power plant in the country.

"By establishing wind farms in the republic, we can significantly alleviate the strain on and reduce dependency on hydroelectric power stations, address supply disruptions, stabilize electricity costs, and bolster national energy security." 


Recognizing the paramount importance of regional development, Kundus advocates for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to these areas. She frequently engages with communities in regions to educate them about the benefits of renewable energy.

"Energy development primarily focuses on regions housing large stations. I vividly recall a meeting in a Ton region village with local entrepreneurs. Conducting the conversation in Kyrgyz, I elaborated on renewable energy. When the meeting concluded, one of them inquired about my work. When I started talking about solar and wind energy, she said, “Oh, you are Tengrist.” From then on, I got this nickname of 'Tengrist [1]."

Kundus's journey underscores the significance of robust familial support and self-assurance in attaining significant milestones. As Chairperson of the Association of Green Power Plants of Kyrgyzstan, Kundus championed the exemption of all renewable energy equipment imported into the Kyrgyz Republic from VAT. This achievement necessitated legislative amendments and considerable effort. Additionally, Kundus played a pivotal role in establishing the Green Energy Fund and collaborates closely with the Investment Promotion Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic to attract and safeguard substantial investments in clean energy.

"We are currently advocating for incentives and subsidies for domestic manufacturers of renewable energy equipment and green technologies, given their prioritization in Kyrgyzstan. This is our focal point".

She encourages women to pursue their aspirations and unleash their potential, irrespective of stereotypes and obstacles.

"Statistics reveal that many women graduate from universities with energy-related degrees. Yet, only 10% find employment in the sector; the remainder opt for marriage and abandon their field of expertise. To entice women into technical professions, attractive wages and social benefits, particularly in regions, are imperative. I believe this will incentivize more women to join the energy sector. My advice to women is to be bold, receptive to learning, and committed to lifelong education. In addition to technical aspects, it's crucial to grasp the financial dimension. There's much work to be done".

Her story inspires us to strive for equality and representation for women across all sectors, including energy.



[1] Tengrist is a follower of Tengriism, the medieval ethnic religion of the Turkic-Mongolian nomads of the Eurasian steppes and Central Asia, in which Tengri, the deified sky, was considered the highest; the sun, wind and other natural elements were also deified.