UNDP provides technical support to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in finalising the draft law "On Countering Extremist Activity”

February 18, 2022

Bishkek, February 18, 2022 - The United Nations Development Programme in Kyrgyzstan provided technical support to a public hearing - an offsite working group meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic with the participation of human rights and media organisations and the expert community to revise the draft law "On Countering Extremist Activity.”

The need to revise the current law which was adopted in 2005, was caused by a significant change in the context. Since its adoption, a new Constitution was introduced, national and global law enforcement practices, criminal procedural legislation, and the legal system of the republic underwent significant changes, and international treaties with Kyrgyzstan were also adopted. It should also be noted that when the first law was adopted 16 years ago, there was not enough knowledge and experience on this issue as there is now. The law was a reflection of its time and the level of understanding of the phenomenon at that time. Since then, the threats, risks and tools of violent extremism have become more sophisticated and diverse, requiring new mechanisms of prevention, response and counteraction.

Osmonov Samat, an officer of the Service for Combating Extremism and Illegal Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic said that on February 3-4, 2022 round tables with civil society representatives of the media were held (photos from the round table).

"At those events were voiced many points about the rights of citizens, today we are already step by step with a wide range of representatives of non-governmental and international organizations and law enforcement agencies to finalize the draft law. This way, the diverse opinions in society will be taken into account.

Erkin Kasybekov, Senior Advisor to the UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic, said: "UNDP supports the government in implementing key programmes and strategies to prevent violent extremism. The approach is based on strengthening civic engagement, socio-economic empowerment, promoting the rule of law, improving access to justice as well as building capacities of institutions and communities to address the drivers of violent extremism and conflict risks."

Technical support was provided within the project “Building Resilience to Violent Extremism in Asia” (STRIVE Asia, EU-UN Joint Partnership).


Link to photo album from the MoIA retreat: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzCERF

Media contacts: Nurzhan Alymkanova, UNDP Communications Specialist, nurzhan.alymkanova@undp.org