Opportunities for the business community to participate in the development and implementation of national climate change adaptation policies

August 24, 2023


Bishkek, August 24, 2023 - As part of advancing the process of developing a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) for medium and long-term planning and implementation of climate change adaptation measures in the Kyrgyz Republic, UNDP discussed the participation of the business community in the development and implementation of national climate change adaptation policies.

The climate change in question is no longer a distant and uncertain perspective. Recent catastrophic weather events beyond the boundaries of normal norms and possibilities are evidence of this. Today, we are already directly feeling the impact of climate change on our daily lives and businesses. Changing of weather patterns, limited access to water resources, fluctuations in agricultural productivity, increased energy costs, and growing emergencies and risks to infrastructure are all new challenges that require urgent solutions.

The Kyrgyz Republic does not remain aloof from this global problem. In the context of a rapidly changing climate, our country is actively participating in international initiatives aimed at adapting to the new realities. An important part of this process is the development of a National Adaptation Plan, which focuses on medium- and long-term planning and implementation of measures to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Azamat Temirkulov, Director of the Climate Finance Center under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic, in his welcoming speech noted that the process of developing sectoral adaptation plans is actively being implemented. Special attention will be paid to this issue in the coming months. "By October this year, the plan for the Nationally Determined Contribution to Climate Change will be approved. Climate change is an increasingly urgent and serious issue that requires a coordinated effort at all levels of society. The National Adaptation Plan will be an important step towards ensuring environmental sustainability and well-being of our country in a changing climate," said Azamat Temirkulov.

The private sector clearly plays a crucial role in our economy. Its dynamism, innovative capacity and material resources are essential for the successful implementation of our climate change adaptation plans. Partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs in this process is a mutually beneficial collaboration that contributes to both economic prosperity and environmental protection.

UNDP promotes innovation as an essential aspect of this engagement. Private companies have the potential to develop and implement new, more efficient technologies and practices that contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient use of resources. This includes the development of clean environment friendly production processes, energy-saving solutions, and improved waste management systems.

Discussion allowed representatives of the Kyrgyz business community to familiarize themselves with current initiatives in the field of climate change adaptation. The participants were able to address questions to the developers of draft national strategic documents, as well as contribute their ideas and recommendations to the draft documents. This platform for sharing experience and knowledge contributes to the formation of sustainable and adapted business in the context of climate change.

Considering that climate change brings not only risks but also new opportunities, the conference organizers called on the business community and all stakeholders to become active participants in this process. Adapting to the new reality not only reduces risks, but also creates prospects for development, enabling the creation of products, markets and societies that can function sustainably in a changing climate.


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