The most large-scale festival of creative industries Create4-2023 "Jaratman Toy" was held in Bishkek

May 3, 2023

Participants of the #Create4 festival


29 April 2023 / Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan – Over 2,000 people attended the largest festival of creative industries #Create4-2023: Jaratman ToyThe Create4 Festival became a unique and extensive platform to support the development of the country's creative economy and the entire community of creative individuals, initiated by the UNDP in Kyrgyzstan and the Association of Creative Industries in 2022.

“We appreciate the efforts of the government in supporting the creative economy as a priority area and creating favorable conditions for its development. We are proud to witness the establishment of the Park of Creative Industries which will enhance economic opportunities for small and medium businesses, women and youth and help to decrease the number of informal workers in this sector” - noted Ms. Monica Rijal, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative. 

The first #Create4 festival was organized In April 2022 to support the law on the Creative Industries Park. The President of the Kyrgyz Republic signed the law a week later and participated in the official opening of the festival, which was attended by over a thousand people. The festival featured professional speakers among artists, musicians, IT professionals, and other creative industries from Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

«Today’s festival was organized with the joint efforts of more than 30 partners and involved more than 100 organizations-private companies, government agencies, partners for development, civil activists, community foundations, and the academic community that committed to developing creative industries in our country. The festival attracted creators not only from Kyrgyzstan but also from neighboring countries - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – to encourage their contributions to the development of creative Central Asia», - shared Nazgul Kubakaeva director of the Association of Creative Industries of Kyrgyzstan.

This year, the Festival was held under the slogan #JARATMANTOY and brought together hundreds of successful representatives of creative professions who shared their experience in creative industries. The space of the Festival #JARATMANTOY was divided into activities with 6 conceptual spaces of realizing creativity on different levels from the idea stage to its embodiment: “SHYKTAN” [GET INSPIRED], “OYGON” [WAKE UP], “TAITAI” [MAKE A STEP FORWARD] and “JARAT” [CREATE], “JYRGA” [ENJOY], “SHAM-SHUM” [REFRESH YOURSELF].  

The festival participants were able to take part in over 30 panel sessions, presentations, and workshops on various topics that were relevant to both established professionals and aspiring creators. Education and job fairs, legal consultations, pitching workshops, as well as music auditions helped visitors start their path in the creative industry.

"Each of us is unique. Uniqueness is our freedom to express ourselves. That's why it's so important to trust our talents and ideas, free out our uniqueness, and express ourselves through creativity. And the business of the new era is based on creativity, the business of the new era is true creativity!" - Ekaterina Nakashidze, Deputy Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek.

This year, the official partners of the Festival were the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) and the Program Office of OSCE in Bishkek.

Nurgul Ukueva, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the AUCA, notes that "Educated youth, inspired by literature, music, and art, through a wonderful combination of science and cultural values, generate creative ideas and are the engine of sustainable development in the country. This is the approach to education that we follow at AUCA, based on the best traditions of the American approach of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and paying special attention to the development of critical thinking and a creative, innovative approach to problem-solving among our students".


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