An opportunity to think outside the box 

October 26, 2022


Mimoza, a young woman coming from Gjakova/Djakova, is one of the 110 young women and men who had the opportunity to join the Digital Skills Programme (DSP). She majored in food technology and biotechnology, but she decided to attend Digital Marketing training, allowing her to think from a different perspective. Mimoza strongly believes that there exists an integral connection between digitalization and the food industry, which appeared with the rapid technological evolution. She refers to the usage of cutting-edge technological tools, facilitating food processes. 

Mimoza quotes digital marketing learning days as “An outstanding professional experience and a programme that enables thinking outside the box”.  

Apart from training, Mimoza is also benefiting from an internship opportunity. She is interning as a social media content creator at Softeh LLC, an ITC company dedicated to help businesses efficiency in Kosovo. For less than a month, she managed to design and publish diverse social media content. Lately, she has been working on a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.



Genuinely committed, her experience demonstrates that DSP not only contributes to a great extent to Mimoza’s job preparation stage but also helps her think outside the box. In the sense of a clear vision and later in the future, Mimoza has thought of promoting different food articles. A using wise idea to this she considers consorting appropriately gained knowledge through DSP and university studies. She sees it also as a great chance of accessing not only the local labour market but the international as well, within the so-called home office. As a bright outlook, many ideas came up while she was completing the training.



To Mimoza, being trained in digital marketing and putting it into practice relates to another form of graduation.

“In addition to the connection of digitalization and food technology, I would like to highlight that it corresponds to me more of another form of graduation. And it all came out while thinking outside of the box. For that, I owe to the programme. What is more of telling, I feared of not being employed, bearing in mind challenges Kosovo deals in this sector, especially being a young woman. I am grateful it turned out differently”, shares Mimoza.   



Based on the last report published by the Kosovo Agency of Statistic, related to the youth employment, the results show that in the first three-month 2021, the inactive workforce is quite high with 59.4%, with a special focus on women with 77.5% and the highest unemployment rate is among the 15-24 age group with 29.0%.  

To reduce the unemployment rate, UNDP is implementing The Digital Skills Programme in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Züsammenarbeit (GIZ), and the financial support of UNDP Funding Window, helping young people make progress in digital field. Over 200 young jobseekers will have the opportunity to attend one of the six bundles and expand their technical and practical knowledge as well as gain access to labour market. 50 out of the DSP beneficiaries will be placed on ICT companies for a six months-long internship.

Story by Erblina Selmanaj