Combining digital skills and pharmaceutical services

October 3, 2022


Bleta is a recently graduated pharmacist, keen on making it easier for people to learn and buy the right medicine. Recently, Bleta joined the Digital Skills Programme (DSP), focusing on mobile application development with the idea of creating an application for pharmaceutical services Kosovo.

She is one of the 110 young women and men who are currently strengthening their digital skills through DSP and use them as a mechanism to drive growth in various fields. After the University degree in Pharmacy, Bleta defines her learning experience a valuable opportunity, helping her conceptualize the design of a mobile application that could avail patients easier access to pharmaceutical data. Additionally, it will optimize their time as well. 

“A mobile application containing pharmaceutical data registered in Kosovo Agency for Medical Products and Equipment would reduce time and possible difficulties to patients who are in need of pharmaceutical services”, she says, as she remains determined on continuing to develop her digital skills.

Bleta proudly presents her application as a one-stop shop for pharmaceuticals in Kosovo. Patients using the app will have access to a myriad of medical information on their prescriptions. From generic to brand name, price comparison, availability, delivery and even timely reminders, Bleta has thought of all the needs and support that patients may benefit from. The application also includes delivery features, providing care for people often overlooked, namely, the elderly and people with disabilities. 

True to the call of a pharmacist, Bleta proved that it often only takes as little as two months and a solid idea, to create tools that provide medical knowledge for everyone. One day, she wishes to launch her application, the first of its kind in Kosovo, transforming pharmaceutical services through digitalization. Setting her sight on this, brand new learning explorations are ahead of her, as the DSP training continues.

The Digital Skills Programme is implemented by UNDP and supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and the financial support of UNDP Funding Window. The programme supports young people in learning and advancing digital skills through six bundles, delivering to them technical and practical knowledge. 

Story by Erblina Selmanaj