Policy Paper On Corruption And Vulnerable Groups

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Policy Paper On Corruption And Vulnerable Groups

June 24, 2020

UNDP Kosovo supports anti-corruption efforts in Kosovo, towards more accountable and transparent institutions, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Support to Anti-Corruption Project (SAEK II), funded by the Swiss Government, conducts corruption risk assessments, studies and policy papers in different sectors, to assist the authorities in identifying potential corruption bottlenecks, and provides recommendations in addressing these.

Vulnerable groups are disproportionately, more often victims of corruption and its damages, which only deepens the inequality of their position in the society. This policy paper on corruption and vulnerable groups, analyzes the corruption risks faced by vulnerable groups, and provides recommendations on improving the engagement on the political level, towards minimizing the risks faced by vulnerable groups. By examining the correlation between corruption and socio-economic disparities as one of the main causes of the vulnerability of certain groups, the policy paper advises the institutions to employ anti-corruption tools and mechanisms to ensure increased participation of vulnerable people in decision-making.