Public Pulse IV

Project Summary

The objective of Public Pulse IV is to provide Kosovo stakeholders with timely data on institutional and socio-economic stability while serving as an essential analytical tool for building social cohesion and development efforts. Public Pulse IV will measure satisfaction of the people of Kosovo with executive, legislative and judicial institutions, as well as democratization, economic development, environment and social acceptance trends in Kosovo.

What we want to achieve

Continuing the work on data collection, research and analysis, Public Pulse IV will actively and constructively engage with Kosovo institutions to advocate for data use in policy development.  

Expected Results/results up to date

During the project cycle, six Public Pulse Briefs and three Public Pulse Analysis will be produced.

Data Visualisation Platform will continue to be fed with new data gathered through Public Pulse opinion polls, serving the needs for data of Kosovo institutions, civil society organizations, Academia and individual researchers.

UNDP will engage with Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) in better utilising data from Public Pulse and other institutional actors, to fill the gap in current KAS data which measures Kosovo’s development progress, among other, by transferring Public Pulse Datasets to KAS.


Status Active
Where? Kosovo
Beneficiaries Kosovo institutions
Partners Civil society organizations, private sector, Academia.
Duration: August 2020 to July 2023
Project Budget: USD 380,899
Donors: USAID, UNDP core resources
Contact: Ms. Marta K. Gazideda Governance and Peacebuilding Portfolio Manager/Deputy Programme Coordinator +383 49 785 895; Arben Qirezi Project Manager +383 44 540 066