Public Pulse

Project Summary

Initiated in 2002 as the Early Warning System (EWS) and re-thought as Public Pulse in 2010, the project generates data on the perception of citizens regarding political, social, economic and security developments and situation in Kosovo. Public Pulse III pursues its activities for the benefit of Kosovo institutions, general public, as well as international organizations. The primary aim of these activities is to provide data for central and local public institutions for informed policy-making.

The timeseries data enable institutions, organizations and individual researchers to analyse trends from 2002.

Public Pulse is based on three activities:

i)      biannual opinion polls and respective Briefs highlighting perceptions on main socio-political and economic developments;

ii)    targeted opinion polls, focus groups and interview research resulting in a Public Pulse Analysis;

iii)   Data Visualization Platform, where all collected data are open to the public.

Public Pulse Visualisation

What we want to achieve

1.       Provide Kosovo stakeholders with timely data on institutional and socio-economic stability while serving as an essential analytical tool for building social cohesion and development efforts in Kosovo;

2.       In-depth analysis of emerging trends as highlighted through opinion polls.

Results to date

Six opinion polls and Public Pulse Briefs, and three targeted polls and Public Pulse Analysis are planned during the project cycle.

Data Visualization Platform is developed, and data collected over the last 17 years opened to the public.