Training on Gender and Conflict Sensitive Reporting

February 14, 2024

Pejë/Peć, 28 January 2024 – As part of the EU-funded regional project "EU Support to Confidence Building in the Western Balkans," UNDP Kosovo recently organized a three-day training for journalists on Gender and Conflict Sensitive Reporting. The training was delivered by the award-winning journalist and editor on dealing with the past issues, Ms. Serbeze Haxhiaj. 
The purpose of the training was to equip journalists with techniques for achieving better results in reporting on gender-sensitive conflict issues and dealing with the past for journalists covering similar topics. By empowering journalists to report in a gender-sensitive manner, the training aimed to foster ethical, impartial, and impactful journalism.
The training methodology was designed based on the Nadia Murad principles (“The Murad Code”), which provides tools and guidance for survivors, data collectors, and users of information related to Conflict -Related Sexual Violence. Participants had the opportunity to explore topics such as the media's role in shaping conflict narratives, giving voice to the survivors, and sharing their stories.

The training specifically focused on conflict-related sexual violence in Kosovo, analyzing the discourse surrounding sexual violence and addressing practices of silencing and “un-silencing” survivors. This included discussions on survivors’ long batte for recognition and media’s role in establishing legal foundations for interim reparations.

Upon successful completion of the training, participating journalists received certificates recognizing their efforts and keen interest in improving their skills in gender and conflict sensitive reporting.
UNDP Kosovo in partnership with EU will continue working with media and journalists to foster ethical and impartial journalism in sensitive matters including gender and conflict-related issues.