Strengthened Collaboration between UNDP and Kazakhstan's Ministry of Labour and Social Protection

October 19, 2023
Photo: Press office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The UNDP Resident Representative in Kazakhstan, Katarzyna Wawiernia, met with the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, Svetlana Zhakupova. The meeting was a demonstration of shared priorities for the country's development and an exploration of areas for expanded cooperation.

UNDP thanked the Ministry for more than a decade of fruitful cooperation. The scope of activities under this partnership has expanded significantly in recent years, defining a promising horizon for the coming cooperation.

During this partnership, UNDP has supported the Ministry in refining the tariff policy, promoted the establishment of social services integration centres in five regions, initiated the pilot project for the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre in Astana for the employment of persons with disabilities, and promoted the development of the Institute of the Advisor for Persons with Disabilities. The fruitful joint project of the Ministry and UNDP for 2021-2023 entitled "Increasing the effectiveness and accessibility of social protection and activation programmes for vulnerable groups of the population" is coming to an end this year.

At the meeting, the parties also discussed the future development of the Digital Family Card. The UNDP Resident Representative highlighted UNDP’s work in the regions and the project to prevent violent extremism, and emphasised the status of youth as a target demographic, highlighting capacity building, access to employment and accessibility to services. To better understand the needs, the UNDP Resident Representative proposed a joint study on youth employment in the regions to assist the Ministry and other authorities at central and local levels in effectively addressing youth interests in the development and implementation of government employment programmes. This strategic approach aims to minimise the negative impact of isolation of vulnerable youth.

This meeting between UNDP and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection reaffirms the joint commitment to further develop the social protection landscape in Kazakhstan, with a focus on inclusiveness, innovation and effective collaboration.