UNDP Resident Representative Katarzyna Wawiernia meets Deputy Prime Minister Tamara Duisenova to discuss cooperation priorities

June 18, 2024
Photo: Official Information Source of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Today, the UNDP Representative in Kazakhstan, Katarzyna Wawiernia, met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Tamara Duisenova, to assess the results and outline plans for future cooperation in the areas of social protection, digitalisation, and regional development.

During the meeting, the UNDP representative highlighted the ongoing cooperation in Kazakhstan’s health sector, particularly in medical procurement through the partnership with SK-Pharmacia LLP. This partnership helped to leverage UNDP's multi-country experience in procuring high quality WHO pre-qualified medical products, medical equipment and medical transport and enabled significant cost savings in medical procurement in Kazakhstan, achieved through UNDP long-term agreements with global companies.

Photo: Official Information Source of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The discussion also focused on supporting Kazakhstan's Ministry of Health in improving health outcomes with a focus on HIV/AIDS, improving emergency preparedness and response, mainstreaming climate considerations into health, promoting sustainable financing for HIV interventions, working with the judiciary on health-related legal frameworks and promoting digital health initiatives.

The meeting also addressed the continuation of the joint flagship initiative of UNDP and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Kazakhstan on social protection. The project is aimed at improving the institutional framework for social support systems, strengthening analytical capacity at both ministerial and local government levels, and enhancing the efficiency of social protection institutions across the country. 

With regard to the urgent issue of post-flood recovery, UNDP emphasised its commitment to supporting recovery efforts in Kazakhstan. The 2024 floods caused unprecedented damage, surpassing the cumulative losses from water disasters in the last three decades. The discussion revolved around mobilising international support to complement the government's initiatives. The UNDP proposed a comprehensive aid package to support the most affected regions. In her turn, Deputy Prime Minister Duisenova emphasised the need for a coordinated response framework during the recovery.

Photo: Official Information Source of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

At the end of the meeting, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to promoting sustainable development and resilience across Kazakhstan. UNDP Resident Representative used the opportunity to congratulate Deputy Prime Minister Duisenova on her recent award as ‘Digital Leader of the Year’ at the Future of Government Awards and emphasised her important role in advancing Kazakhstan's digital agenda amidst broader socio-economic challenges.