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Cockpit Country karst landscape Jamaica

Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Leveraging natural resources to support jobs and growth while preserving the environment



Through a portfolio of projects based on UNDP's Signature Solution number 4 (Environment: nature-based solutions for development), UNDP is offering partner countries support for a faster transition to greener productive sectors and support to advance inclusive and sustainable management of Jamaican natural resources. The portfolio aims to support research and development and deployment of innovative financing to tap into the emerging blue and green economies in order to contribute to sustainable and equitable growth. This portfolio includes policy and legislative improvements; institutional strengthening for natural resource management; expansion of alternative livelihoods for vulnerable communities; and the promotion of sustainable environmental practices in key productive sectors to reduce environmental degradation and protect critical ecosystem services. UNDP will also support the integration of biodiversity protection and conservation in policies and planning frameworks and the strengthening of the institutional and governance capacities of regulatory bodies to improve monitoring and enforcement of environmental regulations. UNDP will continue to support the Governments of the Bahamas and Jamaica in meeting their obligations to multilateral agreements and programmes related to biodiversity, chemicals, waste and marine ecosystems. Pilot interventions that demonstrate improved natural resource management practices at the local level will be implemented and scaled up. These interventions will be deployed in ecologically sensitive areas with genetic resources and areas affected by the extractive industries. Solutions that reduce land degradation, protect biodiversity and enable alternative livelihoods while improving access and promotion of benefit-sharing regimes will be prioritized. To enable these results, UNDP will expand public-private partnerships while ensuring the inclusion of persons with disabilities, youth, women and rural and coastal populations. To promote research and development in this area, strategic partnerships will be leveraged with local think tanks, academia and the private sector. Through South-South and triangular cooperation, UNDP will seek to introduce innovation and acceleration labs locally.


SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Number 13 - Climate Action and 15, Life on Land