Image with bullseye denoting debt management

Debt Management- Bahamas

The primary objective of the project is to promote long-term public debt  sustainability in The Bahamas by strengthening public debt management capacity in the Government. The project, accordingly, provides for delivery of an integrated programme of assistance to The Bahamas to strengthen and reform the governance structure for public debt management, the policy framework and  development of government securities market.

The Project will facilitate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) 17.4 of the 2030 Agenda by assisting The Bahamas ‘in attaining longterm debt sustainability through coordinated policies aimed at fostering debt  financing’. The Project will further support the Government’s effort in the poverty reduction (SDG 1) in The Bahamas through improved resource mobilization by  strengthening the governance frameworks for public debt management and  developing domestic capital markets. Furthermore, the project is aligned to  Strategic Plan Outcome 1 of UNDP, which aims at ‘eradicating poverty in all  its forms and dimensions’ and also to Strategic Plan Priorities Goal of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) with focuses on ‘engendering sustainable growth of  economies of Member States’. This would be achieved through the undertaking of a number of activities detailed  in four Components: Strengthening governance framework for the public debt  management (Component 1), Bolstering policy framework for debt management  (Component 2) and Developing the government bond market (Component 3) and  Monitoring and Evaluation (Component 4)