solar on hospital roof Jamaica

Climate Change Resilience

Supporting resilience to Climate Change including natural disasters


The Multi Country Office's Climate Change Resilience portfolio synthesizes offers from UNDP's Signature Solutions number 3 (Crisis prevention and increased Resilience); number 4 (Environment: nature-based solutions for development); and number 5 (Clean, affordable Energy), focusing on better positioning key sectors to advance low-carbon development. UNDP will focus on strengthening policy and legislation to advance the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and developing nature-based solutions to strengthen local capacity for climate change adaptation. UNDP will continue supporting the Governments of the Bahamas and Jamaica to meet their national and international climate change obligations and advance ratification of relevant treaties and declarations. UNDP will introduce innovative ways to advance nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation at the sectoral and community levels, focusing on key sectors such as agriculture and tourism. Support is also available for the Governments of the Bahamas, Bermuda and Jamaica to forge public-private partnerships and pilot blended finance instruments to strengthen resilience to climate change and shocks. Additionally, given the vulnerability of the countries covered by the multi-country office to natural hazards, multi-country programming, will be a key strategy to strengthen disaster preparedness and management frameworks; build the capacities of local institutions to utilize innovative tools; and improve the resilience of MSMEs . Interventions will be anchored within key Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 

UNDP is committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals number 13 – Climate Action; Number seven – Affordable and Clean Energy; Number 1 – No Poverty.