Funding Facility for Stabilization - 2024 Quarter One Report

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Funding Facility for Stabilization - 2024 Quarter One Report

June 24, 2024

Building Back Better

The Role of the Funding Facility for Stabilization in Iraq’s Development In recent years, Iraq has embarked on a significant journey towards economic revitalization and infrastructural development. 

This fast track towards progress has been marked by substantial investments in various sectors, including energy, transportation, and technology. As the nation looks to rebuild and expand, it is crucial to recognize that this development must be inclusive, ensuring that no region is left behind. The five governorates liberated from ISIL—Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin, Kirkuk, and Diyala—still require focused attention. These areas, having endured the brunt of conflict and devastation, represent both a challenge and an opportunity. While they face unique hurdles in terms of reconstruction and rehabilitation, they also have the potential to significantly contribute to Iraq’s overall growth if provided with the necessary resources and support. 

The reporting period (1 January to 31 March 2024) continued to present operational challenges, as movement restrictions, logistical bottlenecks and security related difficulties impacted access as well as the speed of activity implementation across FFS target areas. FFS successfully completed 3,797 projects across the five governorates, with a total cost of US$1,051,425,452. The completion of 2,836 infrastructure rehabilitation projects under Window-1; improved public infrastructure and essential services.

With basic services restored and local economies beginning to recover, these governorates are now better positioned to attract additional investments and development projects. This progress is critical for integrating these regions into Iraq’s broader development agenda and ensuring that the benefits of growth are shared equitably across the nation.

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