Fast Facts: UNDP Shell Partnership


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Fast Facts: UNDP Shell Partnership

July 30, 2016

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) works with the Government of Iraq and businesses operating across the country in order to both stimulate private sector development and ensure local communities benefit from corporate investment.

In March 2012, a four-year and Basra-focused partnership agreement was signed between UNDP and Shell Iraq, consisting of two main components: the Local Area Development for Majnoon Oil Field Communities (LADP Majnoon); and the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise and Vocational Training Programme (MSME/VT).

This Fast Facts sheet summarizes key results.


  • 13 small businesses established in Basra’s oil field communities
  • 90 oil field communities were consulted to identify developmental needs and community profiles
  • A total of US$7,932,202 was allocated to the components of the Partnership: LADP Majnoon and MSME/VT