Halfway through its Country Programme Cycle, UNDP delivered #ProgressThatMatters in programme outcomes

February 27, 2024
UNDP held an annual Country Program Document (CPD) dialogue together with BAPPENAS to deliver achievements on programme outcome in 2023

UNDP held an annual Country Program Document (CPD) dialogue together with BAPPENAS to deliver achievements on programme outcome in 2023

UNDP Indonesia

Jakarta, 27 February 2024 - In 2023, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia delivered $108 million in programme outcomes, helping to instigate transformational changes in climate, energy, governance, economy, and building resilience through innovative finance and digital technology. This was made possible in cooperation with all stakeholders, including Government of Indonesia, donors and development partners, civil society, and private sector.

UNDP has shared progress made in 2023 during the Annual Country Programme Document (CPD) Dialogue, held in Jakarta on 27 February 2024. UNDP’s efforts are guided by the CPD 2021-2025, working within the broader cooperation framework of the UN system. Importantly, the CPD also respond to and reflects the development priorities of the Government of Indonesia as set out in the Medium-Term National Development Plans (RPJMN), and their aligned with UNDP’s Strategic Plan.

Together with the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), UNDP brought together stakeholders, including representatives from across diverse ministries, other public and private entities, and international development partners.

The dialogue presented #ProgressThatMatters – progress that transcends numbers and empowers everyone – including achievements, and lessons learned from the ongoing implementation of the UNDP programme outcomes. Some notable highlights include:

  1.   87.4 million tons of CO2 of Mitigated and avoided,

  2. Provided access to clean, affordable, and sustainable energy to 134,000 people living in the most underserved regions of Indonesia,

  3. Managed the distribution of 450 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines across Indonesia through SMILE digital application.

  4. Rebuilt 25 disaster-resilient infrastructures for 476,000 people,

  5. Through a joint UN programme, UNDP helped to leverage USD2.2 billion in 2023 alone through the issuance of thematic bonds. To date, UNDP helped to mobilize close to USD10 billion, and align annually USD5.8 billion of government budget to climate action.

Behind these results, UNDP also ensures that mainstreaming gender equality is integrated into all its programmes, and operations and contributing to gender outcomes within the country.

UNDP Indonesia Resident Representative, Norimasa Shimomura said, “We are thrilled for the strong support and role of all partners who share a common vision to attain the Sustainable Development Goals. Fundamentally, we ensure that are able to deliver positive impact on communities across Indonesia without leaving anyone behind. For that, we are hugely grateful for our partnership with the Government of Indonesia, donors and development partners, civil society and private sector that enable us to deliver many things together.”

Deputy Minister for Development Funding, BAPPENAS, Scenaider C.H. Siahaan welcomed the progress, “Indonesia has demonstrated significant results that have placed the nation at the centre in addressing challenges in achieving the SDGs. However, as we stride towards 2030, further innovation and strengthened collaboration in diverse area such as development financing is needed to speed up Indonesia’s achievement of national and global goals. Our partnership with UNDP has been invaluable in innovating solutions in striving towards a better future, and we are anticipating more fruitful results in 2024.”

Director General for Multilateral Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tri Tharyat, remarked, "Over the years, Indonesia and UNDP have wielded significant influence, spanning from post-Covid-19 recovery efforts, bolstering MSMEs' capabilities to economic digitalization and the promotion of the blue economy. We highly value UNDP's instrumental role in these endeavors. Moving forward, it is imperative to fortify partnerships to expedite the realization of the SDGs."

Going into 2024, UNDP is committed to enhance the collaboration with all stakeholders to address some of the key focus ranging from just energy transition, advancing blue economy, impact of climate change and financing for development. “UNDP Indonesia looks forward to stepping up our collaborative efforts by inviting more entities to join us in delivering progress that matters,” added Mr. Norimasa.

You can find detailed information on UNDP Indonesia’s achievements in the UNDP Annual Report available here.



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