Focus areas

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action

Building on its experience, UNDP advances a ‘whole-of-society' approach to accelerate adaptation and supports mobilization of public and private finance to implement their adaption priorities. UNDP assists government partners to scale up the integration of climate change adaptation into policy, planning, and investments at both national and local levels through the support to the National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process and the NDCs. UNDP supports climate change adaptation action in the context of agriculture and food security, water resources, coastal zone management, ecosystems protection, public health, resilient infrastructure, urban resilience, livelihoods, and climate information/early warnings. In March 2018, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Finance, issued the very first sovereign green sukuk in US dollars. The five-year issuance raised US$1.25 billion and reached a broad range of investors including conventional, Islamic and green investors. In fact, the issuance was oversubscribed, signaling the growing market demand for sustainable and responsible investments. The green sukuk in Indonesia is an excellent example of the pioneering role of governments in leveraging private finance for green and sustainable development. It is also an illustration of the support that UNDP can provide to governments and investors in the development of innovative financing for development.