The DPI Approach: A Playbook

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The DPI Approach: A Playbook

August 19, 2023

Digital public infrastructure (DPI) has gained momentum globally. It is a potential game-changer that can help countries achieve their national development priorities. For countries in the early stage of their DPI adoption journey, or may be just beginning to embrace this novel concept: where should they start? Beyond the definitions and principles, what are some practical steps they need to consider? This DPI playbook is designed as a practical and public resource that low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in particular can utilize in building an inclusive and rights-based DPI. Building on the common framework on DPI, insights from consultations with LMICs, coupled with the international experiences from countries leading in the DPI space, this playbook provides a first of its kind blueprint that can help countries kickstart their journeys with respect to the technology, governance and community components of DPI. Key features include checklists and assessment tools with case studies and best practices to guide government officials across ministries and agencies on how to go about designing and implementing DPI.

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