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March 9, 2012

The Chhattisgarh State Human Development Report of 2005 introduces the state profile with rich information from the district reports prepared in the state. More than 19,000 Jan Rapats (district and village level reports) were written and ratified by villages. The state Report brings together these Reports and the recommendations made in the village in order to bring out people’s voices in giving direction to policy and programmes. While income, education and health are discussed at length, this Report goes on to describe the social and traditional institutions in Chhattisgarh, social relationships and the challenges that must be dealt with in order to bring in a more equitable society. Lack of information and public awareness, low levels of participation in governance and lack of coordination are sighted amongst the challenges to be overcome through more effective gram sabhas, streamlining the concerns of marginalized women and tribals, better institutional coordination, and establishing complementary roles for the panchayats and the government.

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