Strengthening systems and institutions

UNDP India

Health System Strengthening

Health System Strengthening

UNDP promotes strong institutions that can progressively deliver universal access to basic services. In India, UNDP's work is anchored in the national priorities of e-governance, Digital India, citizen-centric service delivery, effective implementation and justice delivery. In order to fast track implementation of government programmes, states and local governance institutions can be supported through systems strengthening. Systems strengthening is essential to achieve last mile impact, and UNDP aims to build on its vast experience to expand its systems strengthening expertise further into national institutions, missions and programmes in support of delivery of core services.

Our gender focus is to:           

1. Promote gender responsive delivery of health services through strengthened health institutions, streamlined processes and empowered health workers to ensure good health and well-being for all.

2. Ensure a rights based and gender inclusive HIV programme response among People living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our goals

The UNDP approach emphasizes strong national ownership and sustainability. The aim is to improve institutional and programme responsiveness; enhance synergies, effectiveness, accountability and targeting; improve access among marginalized and difficult to reach populations; and contribute to overall performance and citizen satisfaction. Innovative participatory mechanisms are required to engage citizens, particularly women and vulnerable groups, to co-create and collaborate in development.