Accelerator Lab India

Radical Approaches to Do Development Differently 

The Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s new way of working in development. Globally, 60 labs will serve 78 countries to find radical solutions to today’s wicked development challenges.

The Accelerator Labs aim to challenge the status-quo and traditional ways of working to do development differently.

One Year of Accelerating Development Differently

How a GeoAI Platform is Helping Target Brick Kiln Hotspots of Air Pollution

Swiping COVID-19 Myths Away with Gamification

How Innovative Business Models Can Ensure Access to Quality and Affordable Healthcare

Combating Challenges and Brewing Innovations: Women Entrepreneurs Respond to COVID-19

Bridging the Gap: Is Blockchain the big next thing in Indian agriculture?

60 labs from 78 countries come together to reimagine development:

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