Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook. 2019

Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook. 2019

March 4, 2020

The handbook sets standards for policy planning, monitoring and evaluation and represents a supplementary methodological document for policymakers in the process of planning, monitoring and evaluation of a policy.

The document is based on the best international practices as well as the European Principles of Public Administration and the “toolkit for the preparation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of public administration reform and sector strategies” of SIGMA – the EU and OECD Joint Initiative to Support for Improvement in Governance and Management.

The handbook comes with manuals (annexes) which provide supplementary detailed instructions and relevant templates for all stages of policy cycle.

The document has been developed by the Administration of the Government of Georgia with the Assistance from UNDP and UK aid from the UK Government under their wider initiative to support the Public Administration Reform in Georgia.