Labour Relations in Public Service. 2023

Labour Relations in Public Service. 2023

December 28, 2023

The present research analyzes labour relations among Georgian civil servants, focusing on the modality of labour contracts and the challenges associated with their use. 

Key findings:

  • The Civil Service faces the challenge of filling positions at lower rankings within self-government authorities.
  • At higher ranks, both in central and local governments, a shortage has been identified in positions that are also in high demand in the private sector. Ministries seek IT specialists, while local governments require the expertise of IT specialists and architects.
  • Human Resources professionals and managers express confidence in understanding the rationale behind employing the labour contract modality. However, they acknowledge that, in specific instances, labour contracts are formed for positions with permanent duties when attempts to hire through alternative means have proven unsuccessful.

The quantitative part of the research includes an analysis of perceptions among civil servants, based on the outcomes of an online survey taken by 542 people. The qualitative segment encompasses insights collected from 27 interviews held with representatives from public organizations, international donor organizations, and CSOs.

The research is prepared by the PMC Research Centre in cooperation with the Civil Service Bureau (CSB), with the assistance from UNDP and the UK Aid from the UK Government.