Greening the Future: Four-Year Journey Towards Inclusive Green Transition

UNDP and Denmark Launch Regional Initiative in Georgia and Moldova

February 2, 2024
Poti, Georgia
Photo: Poti Municipality

UNDP joins hands with the Government of Denmark for a transformative regional initiative titled, "Greening the Future, Advancing Rights and Stability: Spurring an Inclusive and Green Transition with Responsive Governance in the Eastern Neighborhood Region," spanning from 2024 to 2027.

With up to US$10.8 million (DKK 75 million) in funding from Denmark, the project aims to bolster environmental governance and foster a climate-sensitive economy in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Efforts will be directed towards building institutional capacities in these countries, essential for effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, and advancing the adoption of renewable energy practices.

Out of the total budget, approximately US$4.29 million will be allocated to Georgia, US$4.27 million to Moldova, and US$2.2 million to fund enhanced regional cooperation efforts between the two countries.

The UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub will lead the initiative, coordinating with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and working closely with UNDP Country Offices in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

Greening Local Development in Georgia

In Georgia, the project is designed to boost citizen engagement, raise the standard of municipal services, and empower local governments with the knowledge and technical expertise for efficient governance practices. The focus will be on Khobi and Poti Municipalities, aiming to enhance democratic local governance and foster sustainable development at the local level.

Practical results will include increased professionalism among local civil servants, implementation of sustainable local practices such as energy audits and energy-efficient construction, and the expansion of local entrepreneurship.

Tailoring initiatives to address the specific needs of distinct regions, the project will enhance employment prospects, including for returned migrants, while actively supporting vocational education and training in key areas of local development. 

“Denmark is proud to initiate a transformative project in Georgia, aligning with the principles of the Danish Development Cooperation Strategy, ‘The World We Share.’ Recognizing the extensive opportunities arising from Georgia's EU candidate status, it is crucial to address development challenges defined by territorial, economic, and social disparities. As Georgia progresses on this journey, Denmark is honoured to stand alongside, committed to supporting the building of a sustainable and prosperous society."
H.E. Anne Toft Sørensen, Ambassador of Denmark to Georgia and Armenia
"The Green Transition requires a holistic shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society and economy. We need everyone, at both local and central levels, to work together and commit to sustainable practices, technologies, and policies. In partnership with the Danish Government, UNDP will help Georgia make significant progress towards a Green Transition. At the same time, our initiative will strengthen cooperation with Moldova and European countries."
Douglas Webb, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Georgia
Navigating Progress

The new project, "Greening the Future, Advancing Rights and Stability: Spurring an Inclusive and Green Transition with Responsive Governance in the Eastern Neighborhood Region," kicks off in January 2024 with a six-month inception phase. The project will undergo review by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June 2024, with plans to continue until the end of 2027.

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