Climathon takes climate action to the local level

UNDP and Sweden support local initiatives for climate-smart Georgia

December 21, 2022
Climate education for youth
Photo: Caucasian House/UNDP

Seven civil society organizations implemented local projects for climate-smart development with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Sweden under the UNDP’s global Climate Promise initiative.

The Climathon, a nationwide competition to increase climate awareness and promote innovative approaches to climate action, engaged a wide array of actors who were not involved in climate activities before but were keen to inspire change in their towns, villages and regions.

“I am impressed with the diversity of topics covered by civil society organizations participating in the climate marathon. The scope of these activities clearly shows that climate action reaches out to all social groups and engages people of all ages, gender or backgrounds. The only way to address climate change is to face this global challenge as a united society,” said Nick Beresford, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia.

“Sweden supports a decisive and effective response to climate change both globally and at local levels. We assist Georgia to achieve its climate goals, fulfil a national climate pledge to the Paris Agreement, and build a sustainable society,” said Khatuna Zaldastanishvili, Programme Officer (Development Cooperation) at the Embassy of Sweden to Georgia.

The seven winning projects implemented under the Climathon include:

  1. Climate education for children with disabilities (Khobi Municipality). Organization: Education and Development Centre ‘Toliskuri’
  2. Climate advocacy with youth from national and religious minority groups (Marneuli Municipality). Organization: Caucasian House
  3. Climate education for children living in the settlements for the displaced (Tsilkani and Tserovani). Organization: Forest Matters
  4. Climate debate clubs in 11 municipalities. Organization: Georgian Institute for Debate and Education
  5. Essay competitions and green summer camps for schoolchildren (Bolnisi, Tetritskaro, and Gori Municipalities). Organization: Let’s Do It Georgia
  6. Climate education for women and youth (Chiatura and Sachkhere Municipalities). Organization: Regional Development Support Center
  7. Analytical research to study municipal practices in the implementation of climate-related measures. Organization: City Institute Georgia