People & Planet Event Kicks off in Lagodekhi

September 29, 2023
People & Planet

People & Planet

On 6-7 October, the European Union and UNDP, in partnership with Lagodekhi Municipality, are organizing the "People & Planet" event in the town of Lagodekhi, the Kakheti region of Georgia.

With a focus on young people and rural residents, People & Planet aims to raise public awareness about human rights, promote the principles of equality and inclusion, drive local climate action, and cultivate widespread support for Georgia's European aspirations. 

Additionally, the event will serve as a platform to underscore the substantial support provided by the European Union to Georgia and its citizens, showcasing several flagship EU-funded initiatives undertaken in partnership with UNDP.

The "People & Planet" event is designed around a series of interactive and engaging activities that convey a compelling message about the role of individual and collective efforts in shaping a sustainable society centred around the best interests of both people and the planet. It brings together decision-makers, local communities, representatives from civil society, and the private sector while placing a special emphasis on the active involvement of young people in shaping the future of their country.

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Day 1: Friday, 6 October 2023
14:00-14:30Opening & Welcome RemarksLagodekhi Historical Museum 

Human Rights Talks: The Right to Education

Speaker: Lado Apkhazava, a renowned teacher from Chibati village, Guria region; one of the 10 finalists of the Global Teacher Prize, and the first winner of the National Teacher Prize.

Lagodekhi Historical Museum 

Interactive game: Our European Way

Gamemaster: David Gorgiladze, writer, journalist

Lagodekhi Historical Museum

Photography Masterclass for Youth 

Trainer: Leli Blagonravova, photographer

Lagodekhi Historical Museum
Big Game: Interactive Youth Game on Human Rights & Climate ActionLagodekhi Historical Museum

“How Words Can Harm”

Puppet Theatre on Personal Data Protection

Lagodekhi Cinema
Day 2: Saturday, 7 October 2023

Game of Boccia

With teams from Lagodekhi and Signagi Municipalities 

A paralympic sport played by athletes with physical disabilities

Lagodekhi Football Stadium