Contest for people’s inventions – energy efficiency in daily life!

UNDP’s Accelerator Lab in Georgia announces a contest for energy-efficient inventions

July 5, 2022

Contest for people's inventions

The Accelerator Lab of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Georgia invites individuals, businesses, startups and initiative groups to compete for the best solutions or inventions in the field of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

UNDP seeks to reveal people’s solutions or inventions that help make everyday life easier and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. This might include energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions for everyday activities, such as heating or cooking, as well as innovative ways of saving energy and monitoring energy consumption.

The submissions must comply with the following conditions:

  • It must be created by an individual author or an authors’ team.
  • It must be created in Georgia by an individual, team, student, scholar, startup enterprise or small business.
  • It responds to people’s needs related to generating, saving, storing, distributing or financing energy.
  • It promotes the use of renewables or supports more efficient and environment-friendly ways of using non-renewable energy.
  • It has a practical application, a working prototype or a patent.
  • It can be expanded, multiplied or scaled up.

Who can apply:

Any person of any age, students, scholars, small businesses, community organisations or community groups. We will need consent from a parent or a guardian to consider submissions from people younger than 18.

What about a prize?

The prize fund makes GEL20,000. The best inventors will be awarded certificates and their work will be showcased in the Museum of Georgian Inventions, an online platform visited by half a million people in 2021.   

How to apply:

The application form is available on the website: The submission is open from 7 July until 15 August 2022.

When are winners announced?

The contest winners will be announced in September 2022, at a closing event.

Contact information:

If you are thinking to apply, attend an online consultation meeting on 20 July. Follow the link to join.

Or send us an email: