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UNDP - EU partnership

UNDP - European Union partnership: for the people and the planet

Since 2004, the European Union (EU) has been a major partner and supporter of our work, currently working together in nearly 140 countries worldwide. Our partnership is making a difference in the lives of millions, including the most vulnerable.

Achieving SDGs at the local level

Cooperation between the EU and UNDP has a major role to play in fulfilling the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and ending poverty, protecting the planet and building prosperity for all. All our joint interventions aim to support countries to advance on their commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

With support from the EU, UNDP is leading UN systemwide efforts, supporting over 80 countries to prepare Integrated National Financing Frameworks, key to scale up sustainable finance and investments for fulfilling the promise of SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Boosting resilience and recovery from crises

We live in a time of many crises - from wars and conflicts to COVID-19 and climate change. These cause deaths and leave deep scars, reversing development gains and increasing inequalities. UNDP works alongside the EU and its Member States, and other partners in many countries to build resilience of people, communities and institutions and support them to build back better by restoring public infrastructure, providing access to basic services and creating jobs.

  • In Afghanistan, a livelihoods recovery initiative helps safeguard women’s livelihoods and women-led small businesses.
  • In Ukraine, we support to meet its emergency needs – from protection and firefighting equipment, generators for emergency power to food supplies and specialized tools for removing debris.
  • In Iraq, we have supported the return of more than 4.9 million people displaced by ISIL and provided 8 million people with critical infrastructure and services.
  • In Yemen, thousands of people have access to food, jobs and electricity.
  • In Southeast Asia, a flagship initiative helps prevent violent extremism by promoting tolerance and respect for diversity.
  • In the Caribbean, improved procedures allow countries to better coordinate disaster preparedness and response.

Enhancing democratic and inclusive processes

UNDP and the European Union are two of the world’s largest providers of electoral assistance, having supported 190 elections worldwide. An EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance provides effective and sustainable support to establish and reinforce democratic institutions and processes.

EU support includes an objective to tackle misinformation during elections through iVerify, the first digital public good developed by UNDP which combines AI technology with human fact checking to determine whether accounts and narratives are true or false. Furthermore, in several countries in Africa, early warning and early response systems are established to help prevent electoral violence.

From climate promise to action

UNDP and the EU work together to scale up work on climate, nature-based solutions and biodiversity from pledge to impact. The EU supports UNDP’s Climate Promise, which works with 120 countries to reach their climate goals and the Biodiversity Finance Initiative, helping 40 countries to create sustainable finance solutions to protect biodiversity.


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