The British University in Egypt and the UNDP Concludes the International COP27 Simulation Model Mock Conference

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and H.E. Professor Mahmoud Mohieldin

October 20, 2022


The British University in Egypt (BUE) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) concluded the second stage of the International COP27 Simulation Model -the Mock Conference - on Thursday, 18th October 2022. The conference took place over three days from 18th October till October 20th. The Model is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and H.E. Professor Mahmoud Mohieldin, the COP27 High-Level Climate Action Champion.

This Simulation Model Mock Conference comes as part of The British University in Egypt’s awareness and education role in the COP27 Conference taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh in November; as the University is a member of the High-level taskforce supporting the COP27, chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, H.E. Ayman Ashour, and involving a number of Egyptian Universities in addition to members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other entities involved in the COP27.

The Mock Conference witnessed the attendance and participation of prominent keynote speakers, amongst them the University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Mohamed Loutfi, British Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Ambassador Gareth Bayley and UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, Minister for Africa, H.E. Ambassador Gillian Keegan as well as Resident Representative, UNDP Mr. Alessandro Fracasetti, , Dr. Abeer Shakweer- UNDP Assistant Resident Representative, and Dr. Sarah El-Khishin- Associate Professor of Economics and the Head of the COP27 Simulation Model. The Keynote Closing Address was given by H.E. Professor Mahmoud Mohieldin.  

H.E. Professor Moheildin said “I would like to commend the efforts and the excellent achievement of The British University in Egypt in hosting this big simulation; I am a strong  believer in the power of simulation in advancing knowledge and preparing the participants of such simulation models for the future. The value of simulation supported by good research and good education material provide an excellent approach to new and modern education and by making students aware of the current challenges and aware of their role in society.” H.E. Mohieldin added “the role of universities in supporting the preparation of cop27 is a very important through engagement of the education process, the students and teachers of universities to prepare their students to engage better for providing solutions not just understanding problems and through research and enhancing our evidence-based approach in policy making.  

Professor Mohamed Loutfi added “We are honored to support Egypt’s Presidency of the COP27  by taking the outcomes of this activity and the youth voices to Sharm El-Sheikh.In this regard I am proud to announce that the outcomes of the COP27 Simulation will be presented in Sharm El-Sheikh through different channels; most notably an independent side event organized on November 10th in the Green Zone, and the UNDP’s Pavilion in the Blue Zone. Also, the drafted statement (from the Simulation) will also be included in the Global Youth Statement which will be in the opening of the Youth Day.”

Mr. Alessandro Fracassetti, UNDP Resident Representative in Egypt. “We are pleased to partner with the British University in Egypt for the COP27 Simulation. The COP27 simulation model brought together 130 students from 25 countries and 55 national and international universities to learn and debate climate change, allowing youth to develop and present a climate statement at the COP27. Our partnership showcases our commitment to support and give youth the space to learn, exchange knowledge, and be innovative.”

H.E. Ambassador Gillian Keegan stated “I am delighted to join you all as you turn your hand, your heads to solving one of the biggest problems and challenges of our generations in International Climate Change Crisis and I also want to thank the British University in Egypt and Professor Mohamed Loutfi for hosting this initiative and also congratulations to the students who built this; two days ago this was the scene for the largest run in Egypt and now we are sitting here in this wonderful exhibition” H.E. Ambassador Keegan elaborated “The dilemmas, judgments, and tradeoffs that are in front of you are exactly the same dilemmas, judgments, and tradeoffs that every COP presidency and every COP delegation is facing. This is a critical moment, as we approach COP27 let’s make sure all delegations keep their eyes on the prize of 1.5 degrees Net Zero and Green Growth”

British Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Ambassador Gareth Bayley, said: “As outgoing COP president, the UK takes great pride in growing and strengthening our green partnership with Egypt, especially when it comes to the role of youth. Having attended the COP27 Simulator, a global event hosted by the British University in Egypt and having seen for myself the real knowledge and passion of young people in dealing with the climate crisis, I’m aware of the seriousness of the issue, but inspired by the young voices calling for change. If we all work together, across borders, ages, and backgrounds, and keep 1.5 degrees in sight, we can protect our planet from the worst effects of climate change.”

Dr. Abeer Shakweer, UNDP Assistant Resident Representative, explained that the simulation model gave a fair opportunity for youth from different countries of the world to learn and discuss climate issues and allowed them to convey their voices to world leaders, as their recommendations will be formulated during the simulation model to be included in the COP27. It will also be discussed in a session at the UN Pavilion on November 10, the day dedicated to youth during COP27.

Dr. Sarah El-Khishin, the Head of the COP27 Simulation Model, highlighted The COP27 Simulation Model comes as part of the University’s commitment to support the global climate agenda to support Egypt’s presidency of the COP27. This is a global youth-led climate conference. In the first stage of the model, participants received an intensive capacity-building programme on international climate action and the role of youth in climate action. They were also trained on diplomacy and conflict management. During the mock conference, participants simulated COP27 plenary sessions, and the roles of chief negotiators for the main negotiating groups and heads of delegations for 24 countries and 7 negotiating groups including G7, LMDCs, EU, and Umbrella groups. They also simulated non-state actors such as WMO, Greenpeace, and IMF.  She added, “The outcomes of the COP27 Simulation – which will be drafted in a climate statement that incorporates all the participating youth voices and proposed solutions - are planned to be taken to Sharm El-Sheikh and will be integrated in the Global Youth Statement and presented in a planned event on November 10th during the youth day sessions.”