Building a Modern Egypt Post: Shaping the Future of Public Service Delivery

2,848 Egypt Post Offices Transformed: 36,000 Employees Trained in Financial Inclusion, Governance, Digital Transformation, and Anti-Money Laundering

May 30, 2023

Egypt Post Historical Office, Aswan, Egypt

In today’s fast-paced digital era, postal services may seem like relics of the past. However, in Egypt, a dynamic collaboration between UNDP and Egypt Post has been rewriting the narrative, embarking on an incredible journey to modernize and expand their services. Since 2005, this partnership has exemplified innovation and inclusivity, demonstrating their power in shaping the future of public services.

A Vision for Modernization: Transforming Egypt Post

Egypt Post, with its extensive nationwide presence boasting over 4000 offices, is on a mission to modernize and improve services for the Egyptian people. The journey began in 2005 whenUNDP Egypt partnered with Egypt Post for the first phase of the project, titled "Support of the Modernization of Egypt Post". This collaboration demonstrated the government's commitment to meeting evolving needs and enhancing postal services.

Subsequent phases from 2013 to2018 and 2018 to2025 built upon this vision by harnessing digital transformation to uplift service delivery mechanisms. Egypt Post became a pivotal platform for delivering e-governmental services, with a special focus on serving citizens living in poverty. These phases emphasized local, cross-sectoral, and socio-economic development solutions.

The current phase of this ambitious project remains committed to enhancing the delivery of public services with transparency, equity, and inclusivity as guiding principles. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the focus is on driving financial inclusion, fostering social equity, and nurturing shared economic growth. Through cultivating inclusive global partnerships, engaging in south-south cooperation projects and facilitating the exchange of best practices, this phase promises a journey marked by impactful collaboration and transformative outcomes.

Empowering Egypt Post's Capacities: Transforming Postal Services

The ongoing collaboration between UNDP Egypt and Egypt Post has yielded remarkable achievements in transforming postal services across Egypt. Let΄’s take a closer look at the key accomplishments that have shaped Egypt Post΄’s transformation:

1. Strengthening Governance: The establishment of the Internal Audit Department in 2019 enhanced Egypt Post's governance and transparency, ensuring efficient operations.

2. Modernizing Governmental Services: Egypt Post has emerged as a leading provider of essential e-governmental services, successfully deploying, and modernizing 27 government services. It has become a vital hub for public service accessibility.

3. Enhancing Customer Support: The establishment of a fully operational call center has significantly improved customer support and engagement, fostering better communication between Egypt Post and its valued customers.

4. ICT for Informative Decision-Making: The creation of the General Department for Geographic Information System (GDGIS) has facilitated data-driven decision-making processes, enabling precise planning and efficient resource allocation.

5. Streamlining Service Delivery: The implementation of a nationwide postal code system ensures accurate and timely mail delivery to every district in Egypt, enhancing operational efficiency and service reliability.

6. Digital Transformation of Egypt Post Offices: Our project has supported the modernization and upgrading of 2,848 Egypt Post offices, including the iconic museum. These transformed centers now boast state-of-the-art facilities, catering to the evolving needs of the community.

7. Enhancing Employee Capacities: Recognizing the significance of skill development, over 36,000 employees have received comprehensive training in areas such as financial inclusion, governance, digital transformation, and combating money laundering. This investment in human capital strengthens Egypt Post's ability to adapt and serve the population effectively.

Egypt Post΄s remarkable progress has received widespread recognition. Last year, The Universal Postal Union (UPU) recognized Egypt Post as the "most efficient member" for its outstanding implementation of digital transformation in five essential services. This recognition underscores Egypt Post’s commitment to using innovative approaches for the benefit of its customers.

Egypt Post Main Office, Attaba, Cairo – Cairo’s oldest post office, dating back to 1931


Exploring New Frontiers: Expanding the Impact

Beyond the core objectives of the project, UNDP and Egypt Post are actively collaborating in additional areas to further expand the impact of our partnership. Here are some notable initiatives:

  • Financial Inclusion Awareness Campaign: A social media campaign focusing on financial inclusion is currently in the works. The campaign, set to launch in July 2023 for three months, aims to empower citizens with knowledge and tools to participate in the financial ecosystem, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.
  • Strengthening Infrastructure: Recognizing the importance of a robust infrastructure, UNDP has provided technical support to Egypt Post's in implementing of a new core banking system. This development paves the way for Egypt Post to offer banking services. UNDP has facilitated training for the IT staff responsible for deploying and managing. This support enhances Egypt Post's operational capacity, improves data management, ultimately leads to more efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Transforming the Egyptian Post Museum: Amid our transformative efforts, we acknowledge the cultural heritage and significance of the Egyptian Postal Museum. Th museum has undergone a remarkable transformation and has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate people with visual impairments. Innovative features and technologies, such as Braille signage, Augmented Reality, and audio guides, provide a multisensory journey for visitors. These enhancements ensure that everyone can fully engage in the immersive experience and explore the fascinating world of Egypt's postal history. With its revitalized presence, the Egyptian Postal Museum not only showcases the past but also symbolizes progress, reflecting our dedication to preserving heritage while embracing innovation.

Egyptian Postal Museum, Attaba, Cairo – The museum showcases Egypt’s history and evolution of the postal service.

Egyptian Postal Museum, Attaba, Cairo - The history of stamps


The partnership between UNDP and Egypt Post serves as a remarkable example of the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. Egypt Post has emerged as a pillar of efficient public service delivery and e-governmental services, thanks to its commitment to modernization, diversification, and inclusive development. The establishment of key departments, the modernization of services, the implementation of innovative solutions, and the investment in employee training highlights the tangible impact of this fruitful cooperation.

Since 2018 and the start of the project’s third phase, UNDP and Egypt Post have remained steadfast in advancing the shared goals of sustainable development, financial inclusion, and social equity. Through strategic partnerships, technology advancements, and knowledge exchange, Egypt Post is laying the foundation for a future where every citizen can access quality services and actively contribute to the nation's progress.

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